Welcome to another weekly round-up featuring the best in Northumberland food, events, arts and culture this week.

This is one of my favourite times of year. Fresh produce is popping up all over the place and we’ve simply found ourselves in groove that involves tons of time spent outdoors doing just about anything. It’s nice that we’ve been able to do that with a few more people this past week, as our wee bubble has expanded to include some grandparents. Phew! Plus, it’s Father’s Day, so I hope I get spoiled with hugs and kisses.

Some farms have begun harvesting strawberries (but the best is yet to come). Cheer Farms in Brighton has some as does the Garden Hill Farmer’s Market. Fresh herbs are everywhere making the ordinary extraordinary and asparagus is around just a little while longer, so get it while you can (see below).

Patios are bustling in a different way. The Beamish House Pub in Port Hope had a little feature on CBC Radio (fast forward to 1:25) that included Port Hope’s very own, Happenstance Coffee Pub and Bakery owners, Nick and Erin Cluley. People are walking the downtowns, peeking into the shops and learning how each business is dealing with their own safety protocols. Some choosing to go in shopping, others understandably timid. There is some camaraderie going on, which I think is quite lovely.

People are showing that they really care about small business and recognizing that their hard work contributes to this great Northumberland lifestyle. They are getting out to support. Sadly, though, some haven’t made it. The Bakery in Warkworth was run by a truly wonderful young family. They had been hard at work for three years and poised to turn a corner, but right before that corner was a wall that no one saw coming. I feel for them greatly, and for the people of Warkworth who, I am sure, will desperately miss them. Let this be a reminder to support locally owned, small businesses whenever you can. Your money goes a long way in the community when you spend it in the right places.

Jeff Bray – Co-Founder, Cultivate Community


What to do in Northumberland This Weekend
Staycation is the new vacation. Treat yourself.

With events still not really a thing, you have to create your own! Here are five thoughts on how you could spend your weekend in Northumberland.

    1. Make a Cocktail!

      Our neighbours to the east in P.E.C, Kinsip House of Fine Spirits, were recently featured in the Toronto Star for this “new classic”. It features their Gin and County Cassis, which is actually made from black currants from Northumberland’s own, Popham Lane Farm. You can get the gin at the LCBO, but you’ll have to take the trip to the source for the cassis.

    2. Go for an Ice Cream!

      Northumberland is full of great places to grab a scoop. Tin Roof Dairy Bar in Brighton is a unique little spot, tucked away down an alley on Prince Edward Street. Get the Raspberry Pie Parfait, made with fresh pie from Brighton’s own, Mrs. B’s.

    3. Rent a stand up paddle-board or kayak from Green Canoe Outfitters in Downtown Cobourg.

      The beach is still closed, yet there are a lot of beautiful places to explore along Lake Ontario. Full day rentals start at $34.99 and include everything you need to get out and stay safe.

    4. Hit up another patio.

      They are popping up everywhere and need your support. We’ve started a thread over on our Facebook page to gather a list of the patios that are now open in Northumberland. Go check it out and add your favourites. 

    5. Go golfing!

      There are 11 golf courses in Northumberland, from charming short courses like, Cobourg Creek at The Mill, to a Top 100 course in Ontario, Timber Ridge.


Fresh Food Feature – Asparagus!
A few farm-fresh ways to grab what you need and 5 recipes to help you enjoy.

Asparagus is one of those vegetables you must eat in season. It’s simply not the same otherwise. We’re hitting the tail end of the season, so load up and eat up! I’m happy to report that it’s considered acceptable to eat it by hand! Burnham Family Farm is now open for safe shopping (still open for curb-side pickup, too) and have their own asparagus available. Keep your eyes open for tiny signs on the side of country roads throughout the county advertising the tall treat. They are all over the place!

  1. Grilled Prosciutto and Asparagus
  2. Grilled Asparagus and Portobello Caps
  3. Bistro ’67’s (Durham College) Asparagus and Green Pea Salad
  4. Springtime Asparagus and Barley Risotto
  5. Asparagus Egg’s Benedict


Jeff’s Picks
Cultivate Festival Artistic Director shares a few of his go to jams.

A new playlist designed for the road. 50 minutes of feel good tunes featuring a throw back to the very first Cultivate and two artists booked for this years festival. I wonder who they are??


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