Cultivate Crates

Cultivate Crates Are Back!

And better than ever. For the 6th straight year, we've teamed up with local producers and artists to create unique, delicious, experiential crates that we will deliver to your door.

DIY Ornament Kit

Lee and Fluke Craft has been making charming and vibrant crafts with loads of natural influence for three years. Her work can be seen on most Christmas trees in Port Hope by this point.

You can also check out her photography, as she posts almost daily, her beautiful landscape shots on the I LOVE Port Hope Facebook group

Check out the video here!


A Little About Luke

An Illustrator by training, and graphic designer by trade, Luke has recently transitioned into the world of landscape painting. He draws inspiration from the varied landscapes, both natural and artificial, in his home region of Northumberland County. Luke’s expressive brushwork captures the fleeting light and movement of everyday scenes we might otherwise take for granted.

Beyond that, he's been Cultivate graphic designer since day one and he takes our rag tag ideas and makes them look like a million bucks! If you were at the festival two years ago, you would have seen him making a monstrous 8 foot x 8 foot landscape painting. It was amazing!

Get your brushes ready, this is gonna be fun! Click here to watch the tutorial.

Canadian Coffee Recipe


1oz Black's Distillery Miller's Run Rye
1oz Puddleduck Maple Syrup
1 cup of Happenstance Coffee


1. Brew Happenstance coffee with a drip coffee maker (If you would like to do pour over or espresso, grind further to desired fineness).

2. Pour 1oz of Black's Rye into your favourite mug.

3. Add 1 oz of Puddleduck Maple Syrup.

4. Top with freshly brewed coffee.

5. Optional: Add some freshly whipped cream or toasted marshmallow. Or both!

6. Send us a picture on Instagram with the #CultivateCrate2020


Perfect Popcorn Recipe


3 Tbsp Vegetable Oil
1/2 Cup Popcorn Kernels, Salt
Melted Butter (optional)


1. Generously cover the bottom of a medium or large pan with oil.

2. Heat the pan over medium/high heat. Put 3 test popcorn kernels in the pan and put on the cover.

3. After you hear the test kernels pop, take off the lid and remove.

4. Add kernels to the pan and put the lid on. Remove pan from heat and count to 30. Return to heat.

5. Allow the popcorn to pop. Gently slide the pan around on the burner during the first few minutes to avoid burning.

6. Take the pan off the heat when the sound of kernels popping slows down. The whole popping process should only take 3-4 min.

7. Drizzle with melted butter and scatter salt to taste.

Cultivate Crate Holiday Playlist

Enjoy Canadian artists performing originals and covers of your favourite holiday tracks. 

Click here for the playlist.